Welcome back to my startup journey. I’m writing while sitting on a train. Like many Umbrian, I spend most of my time traveling to our main cities (i.e. Milan and Rome) to create the connections I need to establish myself as a trusted professional. Unfortunately, the wi-fi connection is really bad in high-speed trains. Your mobile 4G is powerless against kilometers of galleries and uneven Internet access throughout our peninsula. Note for digital natives: it means old style, no cloud working on your laptop. I’d like to share with you some interesting startups & people I’ve been meeting in the last weeks.

Clutch-e Bag

Marco Rapaccini and Davide Guerrieri, founders of Clutch-e Bag, an Italian brand that manufactures high-tech clutch bags. They combine elegance, technological innovation, and safety, to obtain a unique fashion accessory. It’s equipped with: a fingerprint scanner, a GPS tracking system, a speaker to make it ring, a power bank with an external charging system. It’s always connected to your smartphone. Thanks to the app you can check the battery, geolocate it or open it comfortably with your device. In addition, Clutch-e Bag sends you notifications if you inadvertently move away from it. Contact at info@clutchebag.com 

eShopping Advisor

Andrea Carboni, co-founder of eShopping Advisor with Andrea Ghiani. It’s specialized in managing the web reputation of online stores. It increases e-commerce visibility, growth, and self-verification. Users share experiences and write reviews. The project has also the social aims to grow over 40k small and medium Italian e-commerce. They challenge big marketplaces, such as Amazon. eShopping Advisor has received the support of Sardegna Ricerche and is part of the Luiss EnLabs acceleration program of the LVenture Group. Contact at info@eshoppingadvisor.com 

Sixth Millennium

Jonathan Pacifici (ex Wadi Ventures and president of the Jewish Economic Forum) from Sixth Millennium. An investment vehicle focused on the Israeli market, founded with Reuven Ulmansky (Ben-Gurion University). Sixth Millennium offers the opportunity to participate in crowdsourcing in the sectors of cybersecurity, IoT, big data analytics and fintech. Their campaign on Crowdfundme has a collection target of 500,000 euros, with a minimum chip of 5,000. Contact at info@sixthmillennium.com 


Salvatore Viola and Laura Loprieno co-founders of RepUp, support entrepreneurs in the world of catering in the management of their online reputation. RepUP acts as a “third party” management service. It operates mainly with a subscription fee business model through its proprietary technology platform. They respond in a few minutes to the reviews left on TripAdvisor, Google, and TheFork, to reduce the damage to the image of the restaurant and promote better customer care management. Contact at info@repup.it 

Do you have any startup you want to suggest? I’m creating my own database to help founders. I plan to write more posts in my blog. I’m ready to get down, see you on the next post on my startup journey! PS: read also this post about the beginning of my journey.